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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help. We hope the information below answers any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for further information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to join the Pet Health Club?

    Cats, dogs and rabbits are all eligible for our Pet Health Club. To become a member, please note the following points:

    • Your pet needs to be registered at one of our practices.
    • Pet owners signing the scheme must be over 18 years of age.
    • Please note, as the monthly payment is made through direct debit, simple credit checks may be applied.

  • How do I join?

    To sign up, we need to register you at one of our practices. You can check our locations by using the practice finder. You can register your interest in joining the pet health club by completing the registration form and the surgery will then contact you to discuss the full registration process. 

  • How is the cost of the plan calculated?

    The cost of each plan is calculated based on what your pet will be likely to need, such as vaccination courses and flea and worm treatment. You will also be entitled to a range of other discounts. You can find out everything you are entitled to by visiting our Savings & Benefits page or reading our Savings Guide

  • How do I pay for PHC?

    The scheme is payable by direct debit instalments at the prices noted in the Savings Guide. Payments will be managed by 'Animal Healthcare' on behalf of Independent Vetcare Ltd and Pet Health Club. You will be required to complete and sign the registration form required by Animal Healthcare at the Veterinary Surgery, including the Direct Debit mandate form. Once we have received confirmation that your banking details are correct, your plan will be activated and the contract between you and us will be formed. We will provide you with notice of the activation date.

  • What is included in the plan?

    Cats, dogs and rabbits are all eligible to join the plan. The benefits included will vary depending on the type of pet that you have. You can find out everything that is included in the plan by visiting our Savings & Benefits page and selecting your pet.

  • How soon can I start using the benefits of Pet Health Club?

    You can start using the benefits right from the moment of your first payment in the practice.

  • Can I use all the benefits in the first day?

    Your pet will need to be assessed by a vet who will recommend which benefits/treatments to use at the time of the consultation. The flea and worming treatments will be dispensed gradually during the year (maximum of 3 months’ worth of treatment will be dispensed at any one time). A pet may start the vaccination course, be microchipped and received their first flea and worming treatment in their first consult visit. There is, however, a range of other benefits such as discounted food, discounts on pet shop sales and dentistry that you can use all year round as many times as you wish.

  • If I don't use all my entitlements can I carry them forward to the following year?

     You won't be able to carry any unused entitlements over to the next year.

  • Will I get a reminder on when to use my benefits?

    Almost all of our veterinary practices offer a text and e-mail reminder system. Please enquire with your registered practice for more information on our reminder services. 

  • How do I upgrade to the platinum plan?

    Platinum plan is only available for cats and dogs and only some practices will have the option of a platinum plan. If you are registered in a practice that has Platinium Pet Health Club, the price for the upgrade to platinum would be £30 per annum. That will work out as £2.50 extra per month and your pet will receive these added extras:

    • £25 off Dental Voucher (one each year)
    • One Annual Wellness Blood Test
    • One Annual Dry Eye Test

  • Who is the administrator of the plan?

    Your direct debit is administered by Animal Healthcare, Denplan Court, Victoria Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7RG, 0800 587 0068.

  • Who should I contact if I have a query about the plan?

    Should you have any queries regarding the Pet Health Club, you should contact the veterinary practice your pet is registered with. 

    If your query is regarding any aspect of the administration of your direct debit, you should contact:

    Animal Healthcare
    Denplan Court
    Victoria Road
    SO23 7RG
    Telephone: 0800 587 0068 Fax: 01273 371069
    Email: info@animal-healthcare.co.uk

  • Does the Pet Health Club cover my pet for insurance?

    The Pet Health Club covers preventative treatment only. It is not insurance and will not cover any accidents or Illnesses. We would recommend that you set up insurance for your pet as well as having your pet being on the PHC. 

  • If my pet is ill or injured will this be covered by the Pet Health Club?

    The Pet Health Club is not an insurance policy therefore your pet will not be covered in the unfortunate event of an accident or illness.

  • Is my plan transferable between pets?

    Unfortunately the plan is non-transferable. However, any additional pet you have on the plan will pay £1 less per month.

  • I am moving practice, can I continue my plan at a different vet practice?

    Yes, it is now possible to transfer you pets PHC to another practice. First check the practice finder to see which practice near you offers it, then please contact your current veterinary practice and they will initiate this for you.

  • How do I cancel the plan? Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

    If you wish to cancel at any time other than the plan anniversary, we will calculate what you have paid in that plan year and the cost of the treatments have been received during that time and if there is a shortfall, we will charge you the difference or you can pay the remaining months direct debit fees up until the plan anniversary date if this is less. If you would like to proceed with cancellation, please contact the veterinary practice where your plan is held.

  • I have a complaint about the Pet Health Club. Who should I call?

    Should you have any cause for complaint regarding the Pet Health Club, you should contact the veterinary practice your pet is registered with. 

    If the complaint is regarding any aspect of the administration of your direct debit, you should contact:

    Animal Healthcare
    Denplan Court
    Victoria Road
    SO23 7RG
    Telephone: 0800 587 0068 Fax: 01273 371069
    Email: info@animal-healthcare.co.uk