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Pet Care

The Pet Health Club is our ‘gold standard’ preventative healthcare plan covering

  • vaccinations
  • health checks
  • microchips
  • flea and worming treatments
  • cost price food

and discounts on a range of products and procedures such as neutering. It’s all covered in one affordable monthly direct debit.

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  • Care of your kitten

    Kittens are a lot of fun, but there are plenty of important things that you should know or will need to remember to do at the right times, which can seem daunting and confusing. Here is a guide to help see you through the first six months of caring for your new kitten: Care of your kitten 

  • Care of your puppy

    You may have been provided with a range of puppy care advice from various sources, which can sometimes be contradictory, so we aim to help clarify matters. Here is a guide to help see you through the first six months of caring for your new puppy: Care of your puppy 

  • Care of your rabbit

    Caring for a rabbit may seem simple enough, but there are many things to consider when caring for a rabbit. This guide contains useful information on topics such as neutering, fly strike, vaccinations, housing and nutrition: Care of your rabbit 

  • Care of your senior pet

    At the age of seven, our pets are generally considered to be pensioners and just like us at this age they will become more prone to age related illnesses. In this simple guide we aim to advise you on ways to help your pet have the best quality of life throughout their senior years: Care of your senior pet

  • Flea and worm prevention

    No matter how bright and healthy they appear, many cats and dogs often carry invisible and unwanted guests in the form of parasites such as fleas, mites and worms. Information on how to manage parasites can be found in our helpful guide: Flea and worm prevention 

  • Having your pet neutered

    Neutering is commonly associated with having behavioural benefits, especially in males, however it is usually recommended by vets due to the health benefits it has for pets that are not intended for breeding. Find out more in our guide: Having your pet neutered

  • Taking care of your pet's teeth

    As with people, pets need a good oral hygiene routine to maintain a healthy mouth. Most cats and dogs from the age of two have signs of dental disease. To find out more about brushing techniques, dental disease and dental diets, check out our guide: Taking care of your pet's teeth 

  • Why should I vaccinate my pet?

    Vaccination plays a vital role in reducing the prevelance and severity of several diseases - including those that are associated with a high degree of mortality. This guide provides you with advice on why your pet should be vaccinated: Why should I vaccinate my pet?