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Cat Plan £13.60 a Month

View all the membership benefits below.

Plan Contents Cat

From vaccines, year round parasite treatment and nail clipping, our cat plan has everything they need to stay healthy for just £13.60 a month. Click on the arrows below to find out more about each benefit.

  • Vaccinations

    As part of the plan your pet will be entitled to a full primary vaccination course to protect your cat from deadly diseases. These are:

    • Cat Flu
    • Feline Enteritis
    • Feline Leukemia
    That’s why all routine vaccinations are covered in our plan, giving you peace of mind and your pet year round protection.

  • Health check every 6 months

    Regularly examining your pet with a ‘nose to tail’ heath check is the best way to keep them in tip top condition and gives us the opportunity to spot any conditions before they develop further. That’s why our health checks are an essential part of the plan.

  • Microchip or £10 voucher

    Microchipping your pet is a key part of responsible pet ownership which is why we include microchipping as part of the plan. If your pet is already microchipped when you join we do not want you to feel you have missed out on a benefit so we will provide you with a £10 voucher to spend in practice.

  • Year round flea treatments

    We know what the best flea treatment is for your pet through our extensive knowledge of all our local pets and the surrounding environment. Rather than providing ‘off the shelf’ remedies, our flea treatments are ‘prescription only’ – a sure sign that you are getting the best available products. This not only protects your pets from nasty parasites, it also protects your home environment and other members of your family from unwanted guests!

  • Year round worm treatments

    We provide your pet with effective year-round worm treatment that is tailored to their lifestyle and environment. Keeping your pet’s internal organs free from parasites is just as important as protecting their skin from fleas, ticks and mites which is why we include this on the scheme.

  • 20% off selected life long medication

    We understand that some pets require long term medication. This is why we offer 20% off selected life long medication. Find your local Pet Health Club practice to learn more.

  • 25% off lifestyle and prescription diets

    How do you give your pet the best quality food at the best possible price? By joining the Pet Health Club of course! Our practices stock a variety of Royal Canin, Hills and Natures Range lifestage foods which receive a 25% discount. For Royal Canin and Hills prescription diets, we discount by 25% too. The savings some of our clients make on food alone means that everything else is self-funded.

  • 20% Off neutering

    As a member of the Pet Health Club, you will receive 20% off neutering.

  • Further membership benefits include...

    • 100% off Insurance Claims Administration Fee
    • 50% off First Bag of Food (Royal Canin, Hills & Natures Range)
    • 25% off Royal Canin & Hills Prescription food
    • 20% off Selected Lifetime Care Medications
    • 10% off Dentistry and Pet Passports
    • 10% off Pet Shop Sales and Geriatric Screenings
    • Nail clipping
    • Annual Urine Test

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Provide essential routine care for your pet, which is all part of being a responsible pet owner. Register at your nearest practice and start saving today.